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This page is dedicated to our vinyl-only releases. We're based in Denver, Colorado.

In fashion, music, and life, Black/Tuesday takes incompatible threads and finds ways to weave them together. For individually, these threads are powerless bits and pieces of a finished product. There are a select few who can take the disjointed pieces and transform them into tapestries, which last only but a moment and are rarely repeated… For the threads alone are useless, but together, they create something invaluable.

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February 28th, 2020

After a brief hiatus, here we are once more for the third release on Black/Tuesday Limited. For this installment, we've invited the Ukrainian Kirik to take the reigns. Tried and tested on dance floors across the globe, this EP has a track for every mood.

The title track, "Shape Les" is a sun-bleached roller that's sure to spread smiles across any dance floor. The ever-talented Iuly.B takes "Shape Les" and drowns out the sun as he crafts it into the perfect late-night bomb filled with mind-bending sounds to keep people locked in. Over on the B-side, Kirik washes any pain away with "Bruce Lee Say" - a beautifully crafted cut that warms the soul just like grandma's famous soup. "After Touch" closes out the EP with a guitar-infused ripper. Steeped in uplifting synths, mesmerizing vocals, and a swinging bass line, this one can fit in perfectly during any set time.. Grab your copy today!

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June 2nd, 2017

Counrad - Eden #699



Available at all major record stores world wide.

Our latest record is available now for pre-order here:

Second strike from Black/Tuesday comes from Inwave head honcho Counrad with a rip-roaring remix from Sascha Dive. Vinyl Only Release. 300 copies. No repress.





November 28th, 2016

Our first release from the Ukrainian talent, Silat Beksi is now available in most major record stores. Grab your copy today!

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March 8th, 2016


It's the Tuesday following an incredibly fun weekend so we decided to let this mix out early. This one's from Ukraine's Silat Beksi - one of our favorite up-and-comers and a definite artist to watch in 2016.

SILAT BEKSI - Tzinah Records and Mulen Records





March 1st, 2016


The modest Moldvan, Maarka, offers us a look inside his mind, as well as an extremely smooth mix to round things out. Enjoy//

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MAARKA - Moonfire Music Labs





January 19th, 2016

The enigmatic and spirited owner of the illustrious Inwave Imprint, and an accomplished producer in his own right, Naple's-based DJ and producer, Counrad, sat down with us to talk about a few things. He's also provided us with a mix filled with textural techno. Enjoy.


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December 25th, 2015

For our Holiday/December musical selection we reached out to Triptil, a talented Romanian artist. The mysterious DJ and producer has graciously provided us with an interview and a mix full of unreleased//vinyl-only music. Enjoy.


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Previous mixes from our Blacktape Series.