BTLTD003 - Kirik

After a brief hiatus, here we are once more for the third release on Black/Tuesday Limited. For this installment, we've invited the Ukrainian Kirik to take the reigns. Tried and tested on dance floors across the globe, this EP has a track for every mood.

The title track, "Shape Les" is a sun-bleached roller that's sure to spread smiles across any dance floor. The ever-talented Iuly.B takes "Shape Les" and drowns out the sun as he crafts it into the perfect late-night bomb filled with mind-bending sounds to keep people locked in. Over on the B-side, Kirik washes any pain away with "Bruce Lee Say" - a beautifully crafted cut that warms the soul just like grandma's famous soup. "After Touch" closes out the EP with a guitar-infused ripper. Steeped in uplifting synths, mesmerizing vocals, and a swinging bass line, this one can fit in perfectly during any set time.. Grab your copy today!

Juno Records: